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Finally! I was able to choose which planner to use. (Okay cos I have 2, the starbucks and BDJ 2012) And this year I have my Belle de Jour to keep my 2012 just the way I wanted it.

It was actually my first time to use Belle de Jour, and I must say this wouldn’t be my last because this planner has surprised me in so many ways. The name itself translates it all “Belle de Jour” meaning IT GIRL (googled it because I know a little of French), oh my perfect match, this was made for me. :) I love the idea that it wasn’t just a notebook where you have to write, it’s something you that needed more than  just a pen. You need to interact with it. It makes you somewhat creative and expressive. And oh, I got a little carried away, hence the DREAMBOARD. Also, who wouldn’t love the discount coupons in it? I am very excited to use every single coupon in it. But what I really love about this planner is the LETTER TO SELF part because it is something really personal, you can write anything you wanted to tell yourself and maybe in the future look at it and see what you’ve become. Well I’m sure every girl would find this planner very handy, because I do! 

Dream. Explore. Enjoy. Cheers to 2012. 

XX Pennie

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    —Just saw my dream board from 2012and I am making them all happen this 2013. It’s never too late. :)
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