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Travelocity Travel
Travelocity Travel

Mermaid Feels. <3

Today, I got myself staring at these photos. I am having a total separation anxiety with the ocean. Back when I was young, I was inseparable with the water. I won’t stop swimming even if my skin looks charcoal in color. I don’t know, maybe all I care about is the relaxing benefit it gives me. I haven’t visited the beach for months, the last time I dipped my foot on the water was in July 2013, in Jeju Island (but man the water is freezing cold) so when I got the time to see Boracay again this year, all I did was soak under the sun, play with sand and dip in the water! I almost thought I was a mermaid for a week. Lol!

Anyhow, these are only some of my Boracay photos. I’ll be posting more soon! 



I have heard about Pasjel Products a few months ago from people who have actually tried it. I too would want to try it to see what the rave is about. I was fortunate I came across this online shop who is actually one of the distributors of Pasjel products here in the Philippines, skin junkies you might want to check them out (Instagram : @pasjelphilippines ) Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. 😊

Pasjel is a popular skin care product from Thailand, you might have heard of their catchy tagline “Back to your baby skin” which actually speaks of what they are offering.

You see, I am not gifted with a great skin. I actually have a very sensitive skin which prohibits me from using a lot of skin products not recommended by my dermatologist. But it’s actually great that the product is safe for me so yay! ❤️ Actually, Pasjel comes in different variants depending on where you want to use it. I have a hard time choosing the best pasjel for me so I just asked their best seller which happen to be the MILDLY SMOOTH AXILLARY CREAM, I think it was perfect for treating UA Dark skin/chicken skin and other dark areas. I actually have underarm fetish, that is why I think it’s perfect for me. 😊 A few weeks ago, I got my underarm waxed and it was irritated, leaving a little red spot. I wasn’t able to take a shot of that red spot though, cos I was a little busy but after two weeks of using the cream the red spot was gone. I would also recommend this to calm you UA skin after waxing. The smell is also really good! I will definitely keep some of these handy for emergencies like this. 💕

There are a variety of pasjel products to try. Please check their page at instagram. @pasjelphilippines




(Source: playingaroundbeforetheparty)

 There are times I’d like to face my computer, drink some coffee and just write. Just like today! Okay, honestly I’ve been in front of my computer for an hour or so, contemplating if I should really write or not, I guess I’m just in the mood right now. I’ve missed sharing things on my blog and maybe now is just perfect. Well I’ve checked my previous posts on this account and I’ve noticed that yes, I am an occasional writer. I only write when I am in the perfect mood and I’ve also noticed that I have a post every January, which happens to be “now” so I definitely am writing.

I usually keep a diary before, back when I was in high school and college, and I even have photos printed and I place them on the pages of my entry. I write of my special days, or just days I have had some realizations going on. I often write letters to God too, cos those times I think that if I had to read them all again I’d be able to see that each and every day, I grow stronger. I grow better. I stopped writing on paper after graduating college, maybe cos I think I have too many things going on. But I sometimes wish that I didn’t cos I really like to read my past thoughts. Laugh about how crazy I am and how I felt during significant days. Well I sometimes blame it on technology, I mean, Instagram is much easier, I just have to capture, put a caption and post! But I do miss reading my private thoughts. Haha! 

I have decided to write about 2013 and set goals for 2014. So maybe let’s just think of this entry as a New Year post! Well it’s not too late for New Year, it’s actually too early says the Lunar people!

2013 was indeed the best year so far! Actually every year had been great to me, thank you Lord! But last year was beyond words amazing!

Last year taught me so many things about life, to every person who knew me personally I know you’d all get this. We knew that nothing perfect would ever be possible without a few setbacks, but as I always say, I have no regrets in life, just lessons learned. I am thankful that in a way God has amended everything for us! And I am grateful to still have the most wonderful people in my life.

2013 made way to the fulfillment of some of my dreams. Last year,  I have been tasked to take care of 3 projects, of course I’ll be always thankful of my Dad’s trust. Well of course none of these will ever be possible without the greatness of my partner Ralf! Well I often consider us a team in everything and I was really happy to work with the person whom I know will always bring out the best in me. Naks! 

Of course I will never forget the bittersweet memories of my very own brand, (Stylestunnermanila) before I left I was too worried that it won’t be handled like I wanted it to be. When I came back, I was scared that people’s acceptance wouldn’t be the same. I knew I had to gain the trust, the love and support of our clients. I know that little by little we are (our brand) getting to it. Of course, we cannot say that we are 100% successful but we can say that we feel truly blessed and loved. What is more memorable is that I got to join a lot of bazaars! I am most thankful for the experience and joy of meeting and seeing the support of our clients. I can’t imagine that we’ll come to the point of seeing girls carrying huge shopping bags with our name in it. They say that when you hit rock bottom the only way is up. 2013 challenged me to create something I can call my own and true enough I was able to wear clothes I designed. So many big words were slapped right into my face I could only smile at it now. I had to quote what my friend Rem Bolanos “What’s the use of having a shop without you selling your very own.”, we actually have the same principle. :)

Here’s something I plan on working this 2014.

1. Never say I am too busy! Of course, I can’t promise that I won’t be, but I have to make sure I find time for everything. Meet friends, relax, read a book (oh this I miss!) , stroll at the mall! Anything that I used to do before.

2. Stay Fit! I know, I lack motivation to exercise lately. I have not tried any exercise for the last 3 months. I know I started this eating healthy thing last September but I totally forgot about it when I became busy. I even got the habit of drinking soda again, which is realllllllyyyy bad! :(

3. Learn to share. I have been thinking of having a charity fund. It really feels so good to share your blessings, but this year, I don’t want to make it occasional, I want to do it like every month! :)

4. Travel. Well I think it is part of my yearly goal to set foot on new places. So I hope I’d be able to do more adventures this year and I’m staying positive that I’d be able to put a check on my bucket list, that also includes travelling alone!!!! Whoah!!! Please I hope this happens. :)

5. Save. Last year I’ve learn to use my income wisely with a little self-reward on the side. hihi. But I hope this year I’d be able to save more seriously.

6. Make my family happy. This is my top priority. Well, we all have something to work for. But as for me, I work hard to repay my family’s kindness. I know I have been blessed with parents and grand mother who have given me so much more without having to ask and I wanted to give back. I know that it is such a responsible move that after you finish college and get a decent job, you try to spoil your parents the way they spoil you. It makes me happy seeing them happy, and hearing that they’re proud of you for the simplest things like paying your own bills, buying your own stuff and the list goes on! I feel like a real grown up!

I’m leaving you with photos of my HK trip. The first photo below says so much about my title. I have a whole lot more to see this 2014! I say bring it. :)


The first day of Autumn (by Aksinya Air)


The first day of Autumn (by Aksinya Air)

Fashion fascinates me, always have, always will.

I thank God for fashion, for style and for everything that exists between. I have loved fashion as much as I love coffee. It has somehow became my escape, my expression, it is who I am. I don’t know how other people see fashion or how they actually define them. I just think that fashion cannot be defined, its like every person can make his or her own statement. You can wear whatever you like and make other people stare. There are no rules, no boundaries and no limitations, just remember be yourself and put on your best asset, confidence. Style away. ❤

Top and Skirt from @Stylestunnermanila on Instagram


It has been months since the IHOP craze started and I for one wouldn’t miss my chance in finding the reason why people are going crazy about this new breakfast place. IHOP which stands for International House of Pancakes is a US based restaurant which specializes in breakfast products is now one of the most frequented breakfast places in FORT. It is located at the W Building across Fort High Street. I did some research before going there because I heard that there were lines before getting seated so Ralf and I went there for brunch on a weekday. Well it didn’t disappoint us, we were on a perfect timing! But just as expected, there were still a lot of people in the restaurant. We ordered immediately after seated. I tried the breakfast sampler with hash-brown and Ralf got his Big steak omelette. The signature favorites comes with two fluffy pancakes (as stated in the menu) and an unlimited brewed coffee which I was very happy about. When the menu came, I was surprised that the food looked different in the menu photo, I actually felt unsatisfied with how the food actually looked. My order should come with a hash-brown but I waited long enough to the point that I finished my second cup of coffee but it didn’t came. Ralf also was unsatisfied with his food saying that “it was just another omelette”. Being unhappy with our food, we gave our pancake a chance considering that it may be the house specialty and we were too excited about the variety of syrup also, but the pancakes were too dry and floury. The syrup lack flavor and I feel like they added water on it because its not pancake syrup thick anymore. I love breakfasts that is why I pay attention on how good my breakfast is, but IHOP was just too ordinary for me. It was overrated and expensive. I just think I can have a more decent breakfast without spending that much.

On a brighter note, let’s just talk about what I wore that day. I put on the most comfortable outfit I can find in my closet since I am tasked to run errands during that day.

Details of my outfit:
Pink Aztec Cropped Sleeveless Top - H&M
White pants - H&M
Bag - H&M

It was unintentional that I am wearing H&M all over. It was just now that I noticed it.

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Wrap it up.

I have been obsessing about wrapping a boyfriend top on my waist lately, not only because its a trend but because its basically comfortable. Add up that it definitely suits the moody hot and cold weather here in the Philippines. On the left photo is a collage of the looks from different bloggers who sported their version of what I call “wrap-on-waist-boyfriend-top” trend and on the right was my take on this look.

Details of my look:
Jack Daniels Muscle Tee - Stylestunnermanila
Boyfriend Plaid Top - Forever21
Black Reversible Jeans - Jag
Vintage Flats - Stylestunnermanila

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Follow @Stylestunnermanila on Instagram and FB too for fabulous fashion items.

For collaborations and giveaways and other styling and fashion concerns email me : penniemaurillo@yahoo.com

Forever summer. ❤

I know we already kissed goodbye to summer several months ago, but as for me, its always summer! Since the sun is my ruling planet, I can never explain my love for everything that reminds me of summer and the scorching sun! Its just too pretty to forget.

Here is what I wore to a casual Sunday at the Church and mall.

Navy overall scoop back top - F21
Floral Skater skirt - Stylestunnermanila
Bag - H&M
Sandals - Stylestunnermanila